Supreme Quality Marzipan Eels Filled With Egg Yolk Confection


One of the oldest figures that were used for marzipan, whose existence in Toledo is proved from the time of the Catholic Kings, this is the MARZIPAN EEL. The almost sculptural beauty of the sweet, the creativity of the confectioners and the historical anecdote are mixed in the eel. It seems that the reason behind the making of eel-shaped marzipan is the Christian authorities’ interest in discovering the hidden Jews and the falsely converted Christians.

Only the most expert hands with the best almonds can make these lovely eels, filled with egg yolk confection and decorated with icing sugar..



Nº 015 cm225 g
Nº 118 cm450 g
Nº 223 cm900 g
Nº 327 cm1350 g
Nº 431 cm1800 g
Nº 0 PLASTIC BOX16 cm225 g