Artisan family tradition and commitment to our heritage since 1870

Continuing a family tradition of artisan marzipan making that has lasted for more than half a century, we set about our business in 2008, with a moral commitment: “to keep an inherited tradition alive, underlining the quality and the artisan character of our marzipan” We are young, but our product is made following our grandparents' artisan techniques.

We offer outstanding quality standards, using 100% Spanish marcona almond to make our marzipan shapes, carefully selected in the Spanish Levante. This meticulous selection and making our marzipan shapes one by one result in their unique texture and succulence. The image and packaging of our product, its origin in Toledo, a region inextricably linked to marzipan from its birth and the fact that it is carefully handmade in our own premises, allow us to offer something different. This is precisely what consumers are currently demanding and what we offer, an artisan high-quality product.

Why Mazapanes La Rosa de Montalbán?
The surname La Rosa is our family trademark. De Montalbán because the cradle of our marzipan was, in former times, capital of the famous manor of Montalbán. There is a bit of ourselves in the making of each of our marzipan shapes, a bit of the hands that shape them, a bit of our town, a bit of our history...

Why Mazapanes Melibea?
When we set up the company Mazapanes Melibea S.L. in 2008 we wanted to name it after something that was closely related to our home town, where one of the most distinguished Spanish Renaissance writers, Fernando de Rojas, author of La Celestina, was born. Which character symbolises sweetness and tenderness in this famous work? Melibea. Therefore, we thought of Melibea and her qualities, which can be exactly identified with the qualities of our marzipan, as the perfect icon for our budding family business.